Best Tips for Packing Liquid during Move

Best Tips for Packing Liquid during Move

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Without any doubt or second thought it can be said that moving is a daunting task. You have different things with you and one common aim which is safe relocation of all. Amongst everything that you pack during move, packing liquid items is the most complicated business. You just can’t ever be too sure that the liquids won’t leak or burst open to ruin your belongings. If you are also planning to shift with the liquid commodity of yours then here we are listing few smart tips that could make your transition successful.

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You must gather all the required packing supplies you will need for packing like Ziploc bags, saran wrap, wrapping tape, labels and plastic containers.

Collect your liquid and gel bottles like shampoos, lotions, cleaning supplies, etc. and sort them. Only take the ones that are absolutely necessary. If possible, try to pick small bottles. If you’ve combined liquids into recycled bottles be sure to label the bottles to prevent confusion.

Before packing it you must check and make sure all bottles are safe. In case there is any defect or damage in the bottle it is useless to carry it, as it may disturb other things too.

Pick all the small bottles and tubes like toothpaste, cosmetic liquids, nail polishes, small perfume bottles, etc. that can fit into your ziploc bags. Keep them inside ziploc bags and close the bags. Make sure the cap of bottle is tight so that liquid may not spill inside the bag.

First of all pack small items in small box and then place the smaller box in the bigger one. This will provide a safe transition of liquid inside the smaller box.

As the golden rule of packing, you are supposed to pack the heavier item first.

Seal the cap of bottle with saran wrap.

Evenly pack liquid bottles. Try not to mush tubes and plastic bottles amongst other stuff to prevent the risk of squeezing and bursting.

Use clothes for storing the bottles. This will also provide them cushioning. Wrap bottles lightly with old towels or sheets. This will provide the liquid from spilling in other things.

You can also make use of your shoes to pack the bottles. In this way you can be sure that the bottle will reach to its destination safe.

Packing liquid is no more a hassle. Follow these rules and easily take the spill proof items to the new home. If there are packers and movers to take care of your goods, make them you instruct them well in advance about the perishable items.
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Best Tips for Packing Liquid during Move



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