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Devante Smith-Pelly Jersey

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To better understand how to get relief from this debilitating disease we need to dive deeper into its root cause. What is Arthritis? Arthritis actually means joint (arthr) inflammation (itis). Arthritis can be used to define a group of more than 100 rheumatic diseases and other conditions that can cause pain, stiffness and swelling in the joints or any part of your body. Additionally, it can damage the joint cartilage which can lead to joint weakness Devante Smith-Pelly Jersey , instability and visible deformities that can interfere and, in severe cases, limit a person s ability to perform most basic daily tasks such as walking, climbing stairs, using a computer keyboard Madison Bowey Jersey , washing dishes or brushing your teeth. Arthritis can affect anyone regardless of age and most commonly affects joints in the knees, hips, hands and spine. If left undiagnosed and not treated properly, arthritis can cause irreversible damage to the joints, bones Lars Eller Jersey , organs, and skin. Not to mention dramatically impair your quality of life. Some of the types of arthritis which are associated with - rheumatoid arthritis - gout - tendonitis - bursitis - polymyalgia rheumatica Arthritis-related conditions primarily affect the muscles and the bones but it is also considered to be systemic, affecting the whole body. Arthritis can cause damage to any bodily organ or system, including the lungs, kidneys Jakub Vrana Jersey , blood vessels, skin and even the heart. The Arthritis Foundation sites two independent studies (Brigham and Women s Hospital in Boston and at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota) both of which prove that the widespread inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis is linked to heart disease and an increased risk of early death. No one really knows the exact cause of arthritis but there are certain risk factors to keep in mind: Genetics - likely to contribute to risk but no one knows how much. Age - the older you are the more at risk you become. Weight - maintaining a healthy weight will ease the load on the joints. Previous Injury - major injuries are likely to contribute to risk. Occupational Hazards - repetitive, high demand jobs increase risk. Certain Sports - high level, high demand sports can contribute to arthritis (however Evgeny Kuznetsov Capitals Jersey , general exercise is always a plus) Illness or infection- an infection in the joint or gout can lead to arthritis. What we do know is that when you have arthritis your immune system goes into over-drive and causes the joints to swell and become inflamed. Therefore, treating the inflammation becomes key in managing the pain and discomfort associated with this condition. Sadly enough, the Arthritis Foundation reports that half of those Americans with arthritis don t believe anything can be done to help ease their pain. You may be in that situation yourself, having thrown your hands up in frustration and simply decided to live with your pain. The good news is that by reducing the inflammation you can significantly ease the painful symptoms associated with arthritis. Here are a few ways to reduce your inflammation: Exercise - less weight equals less stress on joints Diet - Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole-grain products; limit sugar T. J. Oshie Capitals Jersey , salt and fat (especially saturated fat found in animal products) Rest - a good balance between rest and activity is the key to joint health Over-the-counter and prescription medications - while these may provide temporary relief by masking the pain they are not always get to the root of the problem- inflammation. They can also have serious side effects, especially with long-term use. Natural anti-inflammatory supplements - probably the most promising natural approach to reducing inflammation in a long while. We recommend looking for supplements containing systemic enzymes and all-natural herbal ingredients. By taking these simple steps to reducing inflammation you will be well on your way to managing your arthritis pain and it devastating effects on your mind and body. Everyone should strive to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle for optimal health and wellbeing.
LISBON, Sept. 27 (Xinhua) -- A new viewing platform stationed on Lisbon's iconic April 25 suspension bridge opened to the public on Wednesday, according to the Tourism Association of Lisbon.

The "Pilar 7 Experience" takes visitors 72 meters up in a glass elevator attached to one of the bridge's main stanchions to view the city.

The new project was made possible by a 5.3-million-euro (6.2 million U.S. dollars) investment that was partly financed by Lisbon's tourism tax, a scheme whereby guests pay one euro per overnight stay in the city.

The April 25 suspension bridge connects Lisbon to Almada Nicklas Backstrom Capitals Jersey , a town on the south bank of the River Tagus. The bridge was built between 1962 and 1966 and the new visitor attraction is part of commemorations to mark its 50 years of activity. Originally called Salazar Bridge, the name was changed in 1974 to honor the Carnation Revolution, a bloodless coup which brought an end to the long time dictatorship in Portugal.

The attraction, priced at six euros for adults, was inaugurated on Wednesday to celebrate World Tourism Day. Lisbon is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world.

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